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Who is currently on the Board of Trustees?

Current Board of Trustees

Why aren’t there trails on all of the dykes in the valley?

Most of the dykes in the valley were constructed on private property. Construction of the flood protection work was carried out during a period when the valley’s population was relatively small and main focus was to create viable farm land. Since then, the Valley’s population has grown significantly and there is an obvious interest in development of a trail network that would utilize the dyking system.

The PVDD does not have the authority to grant access to dykes located on private property.

For dykes situated on Crown Land the PVDD does not have the authority to grant access or deny access unless the dyke is being damaged or access is being restricted.

Anyone wishing to use the dykes for recreational and/or other uses must obtain permission from individual land owners or Crown Lands respectively.

I don’t live in the flood plain so why do I have to pay Dyking Taxes?

The development of flood protection in the Pemberton Valley allowed for construction of critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, hydro, water, etc. As a result, development occurred and the Valley as we know it was created. Most developments, whether in the flood plain or not, would simply not exist without flood protection. All residents of the Pemberton Valley have and continue to benefit from the flood protection work and therefore taxes are applied to everyone within the PVDD boundaries.

Can the PVDD excavator be hired?

Yes, the District excavator can be hired but only in a flood emergency at the discretion of the Operations and Maintenance Manager.

What are the regulations for construction work on or adjacent to dike?

The PVDD should be contacted anytime there is proposed excavation or construction on or adjacent to a dike. Please be aware that most excavation and construction activities require Ministry of Environment, Dike Maintenance Act (DMA) approvals. The following link http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/wsd/public_safety/flood/fhm-2012/safety_dma_approv.html outlines the regulations when working on and around a dike.

What are the Laws relating to Dykes in the Pemberton Valley?

The “Dike Maintenance Act” was created to protect the integrity of flood protection structures. Dike Maintenance Act


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